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car dealer friction drive thru 2

Instant Satisfaction with insta-Kleen

The insta-KLEEN™ drive through fleet wash system is engineered for continuous reliable performance and ease of use. Simply put, with the insta-KLEEN™, ‘if you can drive the car, you can wash it’ – and any employee can wash cars as needed, with a minimum of training.

Whether you offer vehicles for rent, lease, or sale, the insta-KLEEN's fast, superior wash results will help keep your vehicles looking their best.

Solutions Tailored to Your Needs



The insta-KLEEN™ by Belanger is a severe-duty, drive-thru car wash system designed with the needs of car dealers, rental car agencies and other fleet customers in mind.


Belanger's Kondor touchless in-bay Automatic car wash system delivers an updated wash experience, for new and existing bays alike. Learn more about it today.

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