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The ProTouch Tandem: Innovative Design For Next-Level Performance

This superior wash system incorporates both touch-free and friction, giving operators who prefer the "clean" produced by friction systems a new choice. The ProTouch Tandem's full-body detergent coverage and simplified two brush engineering provides consistent cleaning performance with minimal brush contact. On average, the ProTouch Tandem touches the vehicle up to 70% less than five brush car wash systems on the market.

The ProTouch Tandem is loaded with features that make it attractive to both you as an operator and to your customer base!

Just take a look below at what the ProTouch Tandem offers.

  • Virtual Treadle® makes it easier for customers to drive into and out of the wash bay, increasing washes per hour.
  • Faster wash cycle speeds due to its two bridge design - multiple cleaning processes take place simultaneously to increase vehicle throughput.
  • Optional feature of FlashDry® - requires no additional time for dryer service, resulting in more cars per hour.
  • With RiteTouch technology, brushes have a longer life span on average due to less touch time per vehicle.

  • Unique brush design and technology allows for the washing of large SUV's and dually trucks.
  • Overhead systems tend to last longer and hold up better than floor mounted systems.
  • Low maintenance, free standing or cross beam mounting.
  • Built-in web interface - change wash packages, view reports and diagnose issues from anywhere in the world.

Sample ProTouch Tandem InBay Automatic Wash Bay

RT300-RENDERING 1050x300
Equipment Shown:
  • Bay Length: 34'
  • Bay Height: 10'6"
  • Bay Width: 13'6"
Physical Building Requirements:
  • Minimum Bay Length: 34' *
  • Minimum Bay Height: 10'6" *
  • Minimum Bay Width: 13'6" *

*Does not include off-board dryer.


ProTouch Tandem RT300 Soft-Tocuh InBay Automatic:

  • Front and Back Bridge System
  • Front Vehicle Chemical Applicator
  • Tire Chemiclal Applicator
  • High Pressure Side Blaster with Advanced Wheel Scrubber
  • InBay Confirmation Sign

Key Components:

PDQ Tandem® Surfline Light-Touch Car Wash ProGlow Illumination System
Delight your customers with an exciting light show while differentiating your wash from competitors!

Not only will the ProGlow System help improve your customer flow, it can also be configured to work for you 24/7/365 by illuminating your wash bay day and night whether there is a vehicle in your bay or not. The system can be programmed to display multiple color combinations of flashing patterns, or constant colored illumination that matches your brand image. A glow from your wash bay can be a highly effective marketing tool to draw more attention to your wash site encouraging consumers to take notice and keep your existing customers coming back again and again. Get your wash noticed 24 hours a day with the ProGlow Illumination System.

  • Assist in customer loading process (Green / Red / Yellow)
  • Reinforce your brand image / colors
  • Support your local sport teams by displaying their team colors
  • Display holiday color patterns
  • Delight your customers with a variety of colors with each wash package
Today's leading marketers know that brand image is everything and it has been proven that consistent use of color can reinforce a brand.

The ProTouch Tandem's custom brush colors and graphics are available in a variety of standard color combinations including: blue, red, green, orange and yellow; the bottom side brush section is black. Other colors may be available as special requests and typically require additional time*.

Have a special request or need assistance in designing your custom look for wash? Ask for details on how we can design a custom color palette for your wash system.

Order your custom brush colors today!

NOTE: All bottom side brush sections (approx. 1/3) are black.

*Some restrictions apply. Ask your distributor for details.

The patent-pending ProTouch Tandem two-bridge design allows multiple cleaning processes to take place at one time, speeding up the wash versus a linear process common with most other friction systems. The belt-driven bridges work in tandem to easily glide over the vehicle, adjusting their speeds and covering gaps to ensure the vehicle is completely covered. The ProTouch Tandem is also capable of washing oversized SUV's and dually trucks. Unlike other friction type systems, the expansive foam top and single rotational side brush configuration creates an entirely open wash bay.

New Triplex Wheel System technology takes tire scrubbing to a new level of customer satisfaction. During the process, each tire receives a chemical application that allows for dwell time. Next, the wheel rim receives an intense circular rotational scrubbing, and then the full wheel receives a high pressure blast.

Drying Options

PDQ's ProTouch Tandem integrated dryer option, coupled with the overhead rinse arch, can perform a unique FlashDry service that takes no additional time for a basic dry. This is achieved by performing a rinse and dry simultaneously in a single pass over the vehicle. Developed on the simple theory that it is easier to remove water that is already moving, FlashDry improves rinsing while removing over 80% of the water in a single 10 second pass.

The ProTouch Tandem is also available with PDQ’s new SwingAir Synchronized Motion Drying System. This new system incorporates motion in all four producers used to help push the water off of the vehicles top surface, allowing the two outside producers to focus on pushing the water off the sides of the vehicle. This synchronized drying system offers a superior dry that your customers will appreciate. The SwingAir is available on both the integrated and stand-alone drying systems.

As with all PDQ equipment, the ProTouch Tandem can be paired with a MaxAir stand alone dryer in either four or six producer configurations, or six producer with sidekicks configuration for the ultimate performance. PDQ's MaxAir Stand-Alone Dryer is a breakthrough in dryer performance. MaxAir dries vehicles better than ever, yet uses less energy than conventional dryers.

ProTouch Tandem

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