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One Fleet, One Wash, V-Max® Cleans Them All!

As a severe-duty touchless wash, the V-Max is built to deliver millions of reliable wash cycles, cleaning vehicles of all shapes and sizes in just three to six minutes each. Its 100% damage-free design provides safe cleaning of every vehicle surface, including attachments like ladder racks and light bars.

With Belanger’s V-Max Large Vehicle Wash, ‘one wash really does fits all’ the vehicles in your fleet –from work trucks to transit buses –and everything in between, including Gradalls, dump trucks, and even backhoes!

In fact, the V-Max is so versatile that it is used in many industries as their fleet wash of choice include:

  • Consumer Retail
  • Corporate Fleets
  • Public Transportation
  • Road Commission
  • Mass Transit
  • School Bus Transportation
  • Military
  • and MORE

Belanger's state-of-the-art touch free automatic large vehicle wash system.

With its overhead gantry system, V-Max delivers unmatched performance, reliability and superior cleaning results, all with minimal maintenance requirements. The V-Max is designed with state-of-the-art technology including sonic vehicle sizing and greased-for-life bearings. Add in Belanger's standard equipment features, such as aircraft-grade aluminum and high-density plastics, and it is easy to see why the V-Max provides unprecedented ease-of-use and lifecycle reliability. 

The V-Max is the only large vehicle wash system that lets you program up to four different wash package options at one time. So whether you are using the V-Max to help maintain your own fleet's appearance and longevity, or you will be adding a Point of Purchase (POS) interface and opening a retail large vehicle wash facility, the V-Max will provide the exact wash options you need to succeed. In fact with the V-Max's HMI program interface washes can also be managed off-site via the Internet so you can track frequency of washes and types of washes selected.

Available in three system configurations, the V-Max can easily provide a quality touch-free wash to both a 30 foot dump truck or a 75 foot tractor trailer, and everything in-between, in as little as 3-6 minutes.

Sample V-Max In-Bay Truck Wash Bay

V-Max Rendering
Equipment Shown:
  • Bay Length: 87'10"
  • Bay Height: 18'
  • Bay Width: 17'6"
Physical Building Requirements:
  • Minimum Bay Length: 62'
  • Minimum Bay Height: 17'10"
  • Minimum Bay Width: 17'6"


System Includes:

  • Guide Rail
  • Pumping Station(s)
  • Water Softener
  • Four Button Wash Selector Panel
  • Illuminated Entry Signage
  • Gas Fired Boiler
  • Machine Control Center (MCC)
  • Solution Delivery Module (SDM)
  • HMI Programmer

Optional Equipment:

  • Rocker Spin Clean™
  • High Pressure Wax
  • Door Controls
  • Undercarriage Wash
  • Spot Free Rinse
  • AirCannon™ Dryer

Simple, Efficient, Automatic Wash Solution

With its touchless wash format, the V-Max cleans vehicles 100% damage-free. In fact, the V-Max can wash any vehicle that can fit in the wash –making the V-Max the ‘perfect fit’ for any operator who needs to wash a mixed fleet.

The V-Max doesn’t just protect the vehicles it’s washing, but it helps protect itself too.
In the unlikely case that a vehicle hits one of the V-Max wash arms, the arm’s knuckle will simply break/swing out of the way. Once the knuckle is broken, the wash will immediately stop and a fault code will be sent out to the wash’s operator.

Automatic break-away arms can be reset in seconds –by simply swinging them back into place.

This single standard features can save wash facilities huge money on potential equipment repairs and wash downtime.

To achieve faster cycle times, the V-Max sizes each vehicle for length, bringing its dual wash arms around the front and rear with an efficient ‘butterfly’ action. Unlike fixed-arch rollovers, the V-Max dual-arm design delivers a powerful clean using just 72 gallons per minute –less than a quarter of the water required by some touchless competitors!

While other large vehicle washes are ‘fleet duty’ designs capable of providing only 250,000 to 300,000 washes over five to seven years, the V-Max is built to deliver millions of reliable wash cycles over its lifetime. That’s because it utilizes a simpler design, with fewer moving parts and premium materials like aircraft-grade aluminum, durable high-density plastics, and greased-for-life bearings.

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